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I'm passionate about helping people like you look and feel in shape.


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Eating right, toning muscle mass, increasing your metabolic rate, being active, and making daily choices that keep you in your best shape.



I originally sought the service of a personal trainer to get in shape for my wedding. This wasn’t my first experience with a personal trainer but it was the best. I couldn’t have been more pleased!
— tom phalen
Stacie worked with me twice a week for 10 weeks. It was a really good experience for many reasons. First of all, there were results! She gave me a variety of exercises that slowly increased in intensity. She made it fun and was very encouraging. I would never have stuck with it without her. Now, it is a habit and I practice every day.
Having never had a personal trainer before, I was inspired and motivated by having her work with me. I highly recommend her if you need to develop the discipline of regular body work in an easy and progressive manner.
Thank you Stacie!
— Cheryl Cobern Browne
When I first met Stacie, I was 40 lbs. heavier, hypertensive and suffering with neck pain. My doctor recommended exercise so I sought Stacie’s services. Her workouts were practical and interesting. I now bike, jog and play ping-pong regularly.
— Dave Norton



I'll empower you to get in the best shape of your life through personalized training and education. I'll create guided and efficient plans to help you keep great habits, stay motivated, and reach your goals.

About the Trainer

stacie SCHImKE, CPT

I am a certified personal trainer with ACTION. I’ve always been passionate about living an active lifestyle. In August, 2015, I bicycled across the United States. It was a life-changing event that led me to become a personal trainer. To see people accomplish things they thought were impossible is extremely motivating. My objective is to help people reach their personal fitness goals, no matter their age or their fitness level.

At the finish | Portland to Portland


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